A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A vicious serial killer is on the loose and you have to stop him. You managed to sneak into his basement and must now piece together video evidence and report it to the police.

But be careful! If you render the videos in the wrong order 4 times, you will be caught by the killer.

Playtime: 5-10 minutes

The Team

Ashwin Kamath - Art, Video, & Programming

Nikki Arezza - Video & Programming

Gabriel Duarte - Video & Programming

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsAshwin Kamath, elGabe, Nikki Zee
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnity
Tags3D, FMV, Horror
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button


Creeper_windows.zip 310 MB
Creeper_mac.zip 314 MB


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I loved how different this game was to others I've played. It would have liked it to have been a bit more challenging but I really enjoyed it none the less 🙂 Game starts at 09:30

An interesting game. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:


I enjoyed it even though it was kinda hard to tell what was happening and if it was even going together but it was worth it to try out and see what was happening

Thank you for playing our game! 


That was a prty nice game, a bit short for my taste but still it's nice to see live action adaptation in games. 

I ran into a bit of an issue in the end when i've played entire sequence and it played over the end screen. Also i've noticed a bit of blurriness/pixelation on the video when it started playing - the most visible it was on time/date.  

Great game tho, really enjoyed playing it


Thank you for playing our game! The audio issue is a bug that occurs randomly. I guess it adds to the spooky atmosphere? :P 


Thought it was a little easy but still enjoyed it! 

Thank you! !

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you! 


ur moom




Fun little game! I liked the footsteps sounds...made me keep looking over my shoulder! Would be cool if there were multiple locations to investigate, putting together different surveillance videos leading up to the killers basement. You could follow the trail from the first crime scene and have to put video segments together that the killer has left behind or something like that. Just my two cents :) Keep up the great work! 


the game was amazing and made a great video for YouTube that my viewers seemed to love. The game is great and really fun. It was a very unique experience and overall just creepy.

Thank you for playing our game! We hope you enjoyed it! 

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Really cool idea for a game. I love that it was live action. 

As just an idea, you could make a easy mode and a hard mode. 

Easy - timestamps at the bottom of the video

Hard - no timestamps at the bottom of the video.

Thank you for the feedback! We'll definitely add easy and hard modes to our next game! 


This game was really cool and unique! Loved the idea of the mechanics. Very creepy experience! 

Thank you for playing our game! We hope you liked it! 


Hey guys, this game is incredible. I’m very curious as to how you achieved this computer screen effect in Unity?

Thank you for playing our game! The VHS effect was added to the video before it was used in Unity.  As for the on screen controls, they are UI components.

Thanks! Did you guys apply any shaders or use a rendered texture? Or was it all in a world space GUI?

It was in a world space gui

Thank you so much.


I definitely enjoyed this game.  My only issue was that I was not sure if the guy at the end was Denver or who that was.  As far as the game mechanics go, I didn't have any issues there.  The game was smooth, clever and  it made me actually feel uneasy.  Keep up the great work!

Thank you for playing our game! That guy in the end is Denver. When you render the video in the wrong order four times, Denver captures you and cuts off your hands.


Hey! So I definitely liked what I saw but I just wished the game was a bit longer. D: I loved hearing the footsteps, the lights turning off and then turned back on again, I loved the atmosphere of it.

Maybe the next game would have more thrilling moments like the feeling like something is behind you or approaching you?

The graphics as well were really well done, felt like the '90s for sure!

Keep it up and you guys will do great things!

Thank you for playing our game! The atmosphere was a big point of focus for us with this game so we tried our best to make the area feel like a basement from the late 90s/ early 2000s. Our next game will definitely include more thrilling moments so stay tuned! 

I'd say that you have the atmosphere and the feel of the 90s-2000s down pat!


Gave it a go...

Thank you for playing our game! :D 

Deleted post

Thank you for playing our game!  We hope you enjoyed it! 

Deleted post
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This was a rather interesting premise but i felt you could have done a lot more with it perhaps adding a few little scares if you render it wrong before he get's you. The foot steps in the background was a nice audio touch! All in all it wasn't a bad game and I enjoyed it.

Your game starts at 6:55

Thank you very much for recording gameplay of our game! 

We greatly appreciate the feedback that you provided to us! This feedback will help us immensely for future project plans that we have in the works.  


I'm glad I could help in someway! I can't wait to give your future projects a try ^_^


i wish this game was on mac so badly omg

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We now have a mac build for Creeper! However, we are still undergoing bug tests for the build.


Have you considered building more game around thus concept? Like making a stealth game where you sneak around the house collecting tapes, or escaping after we've rendered the full video? Either way, cool concept.

Also, what the hell were they trying to do to those trees?


Thank you so much for playing our game!

For sure! Another concept idea has been in discussion.  We appreciate your suggestions for game ideas surrounding this one. It will definitely be under consideration for potential future projects. :)

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Thank you for playing our game! Hope you enjoyed it! :D 

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up :D


This game is interesting. The use of FMV as a game mechanic to piece together the mystery is genius however, thats were it stops because I honestly think this is way too easy especially while there is time stamps on the recording which makes the game a whole lot easier to complete. 

Also, I anticipated a jumpscare in the game but nothing came from it. The suspence quickly decipated while playing because of this. Even after failing on purpose to see what would happen.... still nothing but a video showing the killer and what he "potentially" did to the player.

Another flaw is that the play button didn't play the whole video and we never got to see the whole rendered video which made me feel disappointed.

However, even with these flaws, the game still stands out to me because of the way it is portrayed. Also, there seems to be a deeper mystery to all this with 2 tape not even fitting into the game at all.

Either way, the game is fun to play and to piece together but there needs to be something else there for it to be a horror game. If its not a horror game then the vibe you went for is all wrong. I do recommend other to play this because it seems to have a bigger mystery to all of it. I made a video on this game and go into more detail. I hope you enjoy.

Thank you so much for your in-depth feedback for the game! 

You make a lot of strong points towards ways in which we can improve the game play experience and we are super thankful for that.  We will definitely keep these points in mind for potential future releases of this game and in future games.  

We're glad that you were still able to enjoy your game play experience and again greatly appreciate the feedback. :)


I'm gonna echo the same idea. It is a very interesting idea. The thing that kinda ruined it for me is the timestamps. But beyond that interestingly done.

Here's my channel if you want to see other games I have done. https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Thank you so much for playing our game!! :)

We greatly appreciate the feedback as that was an initial debate when making the video clips for this game.  But I'm glad to hear the ways in which we could make this experience better! 


This was a very interesting concept, one that I don't think I saw before. It took me a while to get through it, but I think I did alright. 

Out of curiosity, what's the story behind those two tapes that weren't part of the solution? Did you originally intend to use them for something, or were they placed there to purposefully trip up players?

Either way, it was nicely done.

Thanks for taking the time to play the game! 

Also yes they were mainly intended to trip up the player and also to cause you to question why those specific videos were chosen and there in the first place. 

Thanks again for your feedback! :)

Not a problem. It was really quite enjoyable. Do you have any horror game suggestions or requests? I'm trying to break into that genre on my channel.


The tapes took a little to start playing but after that, nice, disturbing times, piecing everything together. Nice work. :)


Thank you for playing the game! The tape loading thing must've been a bug because I've not seen it happen before. Regardless, I'll try to fix it!